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Really strange, and egotistical question

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Really strange, and egotistical question

Post by maikl10 on Tue Oct 18, 2011 3:09 am

Hey guys, I'm brand new to this site, really excited at all the support there seems to be available here. I feel like I am in the
right place to learn more. I've been playing for about 2 years now exclusively online, mostly tournaments. Most of my study up to

this point has included a couple of books, and video lessons / replays from other players.
Recently, I have noticed that when I play I talk out loud as if I am making a video...when, in fact, I am just alone. I might be

crazy, but I find that just talking about my thoughts, and hearing my logic as it is spoken really helps me out.
So I guess my question is really two questions,
Is there a 'free' program that I can get to record video and audio from a session?
Is there a place on this sight where I could post it? And would anyone even care to take a look at it and give me their thoughts?

It might be my ego just wanting to be in the movies, but I feel like this is a good way to learn.

Thank you so much for your time guys,


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