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How Much have you won?

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How Much have you won?

Post by alex weber on Thu Aug 12, 2010 7:24 am

I just want to know how much have you won playing on line poker?
or casino deposit

what was the most you have won playing in a online tournament?
Poker Moneybookers

Lets see, I got 2nd in a tournament on Bodoy and I did have to pay to get into it but I won 85.00 and I got 2nd place in a nother tournament on Bodoy but it was a freeroll and I won 75.00


I have not won nothing real big as you can see.
Internet casinos are almost since the emergence of the World Wide Web. At least, software companies online casino successfully work in this field of more than fifteen years.
Best Online Casino

During this time fans online games have hundreds of thousands of people. Surely they all know about the advantages of online casinos and its limitations compared to conventional casino in real life. But new players have to choose something supported. Arguments for playing in online casinos abound, but there are some features that might confuse the player on the first stages of dating with online casinos.
Internet casino poker

Pluses Online Casino
1. No face control and dress code. You can play in your pajamas, favorite soft slippers, with a box of pizza on his right hand and a huge cup of coffee on the left. In general, there is all the pluses casual "home" games, which for many is very important.

2. Large well-known online casinos have an incredible assortment of games. Dozens of games, hundreds of different slot machines, a lot of options multilinear video poker ... - in which land-based casino you will be able to offer more? Even to the player is not enough for weeks of continuous play, to how to experience all the nuances of the game. casino roulette

3. If you are not familiar with the rules of the game, you can read them here, in the sections with information. And in order to consolidate their knowledge of skills to use playing for virtual money, ie free. Reproduce the "fake money", you can go to this gaming machines already with a sense of confidence.

4. Playing in the casino is already in the real money, players can look to the game, putting at first only a few cents. There is no discomfort while he did not have, because his game is visible only to him. Large rates of a few hundred dollars as possible, but it depends on the type of game.

5. Especially for those who doubt the honesty of the casino, there is a special service of "integrity control". It's free for the player and allows you to track every action the casino and player to player in case of doubt, he could ensure total impartiality of the game.

6. All good information support a casino there, the player in the event of difficulties may contact the employee internet casino and solve problems.

Cons Online Casino
But in any ointment and a spoonful of tar. So in the online casino has some nuances that may think are serious disadvantages. For example, the very atmosphere of the casino, because of which some players and just try to get a gaming house, to the online casino there. While the visuals are usually beyond praise, and allows you to fully experience the excitement and the very specific emotions that are so eager player.

In addition, the various online casinos, there are various principles of payment and received various types of electronic money. To avoid unpleasant discovery, just be aware of the information about the casino.

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